I appreciate that Just Mets is keeping their focus on the big-league roster, and that they're NOT supporting the tanking movement. There is still good baseball to be played this year, and it's not worth missing out on that in the hopes that the Mets *might* get a higher draft pick that *might* turn out to be great.

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We HAVE TO do this!

If you're a fan, a real fan, you don't have a choice - you can't divorce someone you have loved for 64 years. Well, I suppose you can if you're not really a fan.

You don't have the like the in-laws though, or what the in-laws are doing to your loved one.

So maybe it'll all work out - for a few years anyway after another few uncomfortable seasons.

Meanwhile - those neighbors. They sure seem to have it all, don't they?!

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Yes, we will do this! #LGM πŸ‘ πŸ€™

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