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Show me the money is exactly right. I would go in on Correa and offer him a 20 year 400 mil contract.

He obviously won’t be here that long but it would be similar to the Harper or Trea deals. It would lowers his yearly salary and in turn lower our Cohen tax fee.

If he gets a 34 mil a year contract, this year alone we would be paying 68 mil ( 34 to him and 34 Cohen tax). So 34 minus 20 is 14 mil, now multiply that by 2 you get 28 mil that you don’t have to pay the league but can be put towards his future salary. So my point is why not give Correa the money instead of the league.

He would probably play 14 or 15 more seasons and then you just pay him those extra years alas Robinson cano.

I would also see if they could renegotiate Lindors contract the same way to lessen the blow now of the Cohen Tax.

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