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I am very disappointed in your last article. You sound a lot like the 8th grade babies that are complaining and whining about the Mets on other Met platforms.

I am sick of it. Go root for another team if you need that instant gratification and don’t understand the importance of building a sound foundation - whether it be a building, company or a baseball club. My suggestion is you either wake up to how you BUILD QUALITY or move to another club that satisfies your need to feel ok as a baseball fan.

Personally, I am quite pleased that Stern and Cohen are slowing things down to build within. Too many years have gone by with poor judgement by the lousy leaders in the front office for the Mets. (Especially GM) and flash buying players for crap contracts in addition to trading young talent for PR headlines. ENOUGH

Least you forget the frugal ignorant owners of the Wilpon days. They ran the club into the ground only occasionally putting a star player in the club to keep a false hope that the club was good

Part of the reason they fell apart last year is because they hired an old fashioned manager who had a great reputation by the media, but who I saw LOST AT LEAST 25 games on his own. He was Not Popular with the fans - hated the media- and managed his players with too much micro managing.

NO CREATIVITY - please - I can go on and on. He lost the club right after midway season. It was obvious to me (a Met fan from their 1st game in the league), that he belonged at best, in the front office, but not on the field. The year before the team had a better spirit and Diaz - not surprised they did well. But, like a building that needed INTERNAL repair, the decay finally manifested.

THEN THERE IS THIS YEAR - and the first order of business is to clean up the debris that others left before Stern took over.

Then an important piece was to place quality coaching on the club and instituting player development paths so the future will be much more steady. So many had to be fired - cleaning out years of painting the outside and ignoring the internal work the club needs to be a perennial winner.

I am happy that Stern IS NOT giving out long contracts (with exceptions for young players that have the potential for greatness). He has created a path. Now the TRUE MET FANS will walk that path with Sterns and Cohen.

New starts require fans to STOP

1. Thinking a rich owner can fix it with money

2. constantly review and bring up past years of disappointment (as you did in your Substack) and bring that thinking into this year,

3. Worrying that we are not keeping up with the Joneses (in this case the Yankees)

4. Not enough PR on MLB or newspapers to make them feel good.

All moves that indicate that such immature fans have given little or no thought to how to build anything. Those years are HISTORY and have NOTHING to do with the METS now

So now we will see if we have a fan base in 2024 that can exhibit some reflection and thinking of what it means to be a MET FAN

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