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The matter of the Collective Bargaining Agreement expiring on December 1st should preclude a lot of big contracts from being signed. If long term extensions for pre-arb players are still a thing, both sides will likely want to suss out the changes to the CBA first.

If this article was published next year, or even the year after, then sure. Pete's contract is not yet an issue and likely will never be if Steve Cohen is holding the checkbook. #20 is on the lineup card, written in pen for next year. Many larger problems on this team in terms of Conforto, Syndergaard, Baez, and upgrades at 3B and LF have more urgency.

Imagining a scenario for cost certainty for 2025 is a good idea, but even Steve Cohen suggested he'd be willing to blow past the tax threshold if it would be worth it to the team. As the Wilpons are spectators now, fielding a competitive team regardless of cost impact seems to be possible.

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