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So many things to say about this terrible game. Big time players come up small. Plenty of blame to go around. Can't hold a 4 run lead, sloppy defense and just the simple act of putting bat on ball with bases loaded and less than two outs. I may be a "back in my day" guy, but players used to be able to hit a sacrifice fly to score a run. Smart baseball isn't played anymore. It's go for the fences.

However, I'd like to address the Drew Smith situation. Not that he is a great pitcher, but the Mets will now be down a bullpen arm for 10 days, which means this rotation which can't get past 4 innings will have to go 5 or 6. But why was he thrown out BEFORE throwing a pitch? Why did the umpires check him before the inning and not after? Max Scherzer (and prior to that Severino) were told to wash their hands and then get checked again, why wasn't this afforded to Drew Smith?

Obviously, this is SUBJECTIVE to each umpire. MLB needs an OBJECTIVE way to be applied to all umpires and pitchers. One umpire may say the hand is sticky, while another doesn't. How can MLB allow this to keep happening?

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