An excellent article. The human factor and fans, especially children the future of the game, in the aftermath of the trade deadline. Mr. Eppler and Mr. Cohen need to reassess how they deliver their message and vision to fans in a better and understanding manner.. Your article gave great perspective. Thank you!

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I know a 67 year old who said the same thing your daughter said. Fan since ‘64 and I am fed up.

I enjoy your articles and tweets, Michael. You tell it like it is.

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I'm with your daughter. I'm a Met lifer, from the very beginning, but I've had it. We're watching a poorly constructed team, run by a poorly constructed organization, completely fall apart while the aforementioned organization smears some lipstick on it and calls it a work in progress. This stinks, and like the proverbial expired fish, it stinks from the head.

Cohen has revealed himself as clueless as the Wilpons - perhaps more so - but with a ton more money. Let's throw 300 or 400 million on the wall and see what sticks. Then, let's eat a few a hundred million and build the most expensive farm system ever. All the while, their ticket holders, and TV subscribers - money spent - are left with a dead team. It's clear that the current players have lost any pride they may have ever had in wearing the blue and orange. The manager is the personification of a lame duck. The GM is just an idiot, and the owner just keeps writing checks as if more and more money will solve everything.

Us fans are pissed. We're back in too familiar territory - slogging through yet another lost season, with little to look forward to next season (forget about signing Ohtani or Pete, btw).

This is a complete fail on every level of this franchise.

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I’m also a lifer and right now things are freaking tough to watch but I will because I’m a Met fan. I tried watching a couple of different games yesterday and it was boring. I’d rather hope for the best from the new guys than watch other stars, except maybe the Giants 😉, lotta Mets there. Maybe I’m being foolish but so what. #LGM 🤙

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I have to get this off my chest. This is probably the first time since the 90’s at the earliest that the Mets really stink in ice. A lot of fans are used to the Mets waiting until September or the postseason to collapse, and still be able to say at minimum “they has a good run, but couldn’t stick the landing.

Who’s fault is it? Who cares? I’m just as disgusted as anyone else about how this season has gone. But I’m going to try to keep watching games, and I’ve traveled to Boston, and will to Minnesota to see them play.

There’s no question that playing for a New York team is tough, and I’m sure everyone reading this can think of at least three players who couldn’t hack it. I’m not going to say “trust the plan”, as other bloggers have. But just take the L for this year, and don’t give up on the franchise. We can all certainly give up on individuals, but not The New York Mets.

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