When the team has bases loaded TWICE in the first inning and doesn't score, that is a HUGE problem.

Terrible Fundamental baseball. Doesn't Alonso know the rule about running to first base?

Catchers Interference (ok happens but in same inning as runners interference? How many times has that happened?)

Ottovino needs to simply throw the ball to the catcher and throws a high one letting the run to score.

When the offense is doing well (8 runs) the pitching stinks

When the pitching is doing well, the offense stinks

Don't think the age of the roster is the issue. Scherzer gave an A+ performance. Verlander was OK but not supported by the offense and let's face it, Megill (27) is not developing into a decent pitcher. Senga is still finding himself, Carrasco is cooked, and Peterson (27) is not good.

And Diaz would not have saved this season. Maybe a few games but Mets losing into the late innings, doesn't matter cause Diaz is won't enter those games.

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Everything starts with the age of the roster, combined with its spare-parts-from-other-teams character, both of which come from an excessive reliance on free agents that, in turn, comes from a farm system allowed to go to seed by the previous owner.

With the exception of a handful of younger players, back up the dump trump. Then hire a real general manager, not a scout with some paperwork knowledge. As for free agents, the first order of business should be extending Alonso, plus adding a younger starter or two. Then suffer the results of going all-in for three seasons and, by then, you've got a shot at being the Braves. Or, even better, the '86 Mets.

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