Can someone tell me how Jeremy Hefner still has a job? What pitcher has improved in any meaningful way under his watch? Any pitcher we acquire gets worse and none of the young pitchers we have show any signs of improvement.

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The manager & coaching staff are always the scapegoat. I think it would be intellectually dishonest to say the Mets would look any different right now with a different manager or coaching staff. In this new era of baseball lineups and bullpen usage are a collaborative effort with the front office.

This is on the players and the front office. The reliance on older players and players playing significantly below their career norms is the problem. Obviously you arent going to hit gold with every move but Eppler has a lot of swing and misses with both his trades and his free agent selection.

Likewise Epplers handling of Vogelbach and his young guys has looked far from idea. Why did Mauricio only just recently play other positions? Their handling of Vientos both this year and last is insane. The front office told us Alvarez had a ton of work to do and then signed two catchers to 2 extensions...he is only up showing what he can do because the other guys got hurt.

At the same time the drastic drops in career performance of Marte/Lindor/McNeil/Vogey/Scherzer/Verlander/Megill/Peterson/Carasco

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