I awoke on Wednesday to the news that overnight the deal between the Giants and Carlos Correa was held up due to some medical issues (not the player's back which had been a chronic issue for him). And further that a long call between Mets' owner Steve Cohen and the Correa camp resulted in the player agreeing to a huge long-term deal with the Mets.

You'd think that adding an all-star caliber player to an already impressive lineup would really get me juiced as it apparently has had that effect on Mets fans in general.

But actually I wish this signing did not happen even though I'd likely sing a different tune if the Mets take the 2023 World Series.

My reasoning is that Correa will now morph from a wonderful shortstop to play thirdbase. I'm sure he'll be well above average defensively there and, assuming good health, will probably put up an OPS north of 800 and a WAR of 3 or more


My reservations include the fact that this signing probably shuts the door on some of the Mets' top prospects. I have been optimistic about the futures of Brett Baty and Mark Vientos. Baty has a great hit tool and could well become a much better than average thirdbaseman - even if his defense is a bit suspect.

Vientos could be the righthanded power bat the team needs at 3B or more likely DH. Many think he could deliver 30 or more HRs per season were he to get regular at bats.

The Correa signing blocks the path for these prospects and also puts Eduardo Escobar on the outs. EE is not the "special" player that Correa is but still is a legit major leaguer. Between him and the prospects I thought the position was in good hands.

Then there is the question of overkill.

When George Steinbrenner owned the Yankees I, as a Mets fan, would not have wanted him as my team's owner. But I would have wanted someone somewhat like him for the gig. I wanted the Mets to flex the muscle of a big market team. I didn't want penny pinching which was what the Wilpon ownership brought to the table.

Steve Cohen, up til now, has been a Godsend for the franchise and has made few missteps. But his recent purchases of every shiny thing out there seems bad for baseball overall.

Franchises like the LA Dodgers can attest to the fact that the biggest payrolls and lineups that include oodles of All-Stars still don't necessarily win World Series. I am hoping that the Mets will be able to accomplish the goal in the next year or two but also think they could have done so without the addition of Carlos Correa.

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Hmm. Not sure if I “ love this transaction. Escobar was finally coming unto his own and he was becoming a fan favorite. He showed heart and a whole lotta team spirit. I hate to see that be broken.

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Sure, it's all great now. But these are the Mets. Something always goes haywire, right?

(Rationally speaking? This is amazing. )

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This is crazy. World Series or bust!

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