Trading Alonso does not guarantee anything - remember a prospect is a prospect is a prospect . So you are going to trade your best power hitter for a few maybes ?? The Yankees are not going to let Soto go and he is happy there. Soras is only going to use the Mets for leverage. So No Soto who are u going to get to replace Alonso ?? I don't see any free agents that could replace him. Trade Alonso for Vlad straight up ??

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I'm not entirely convinced teams would be "falling all over themselves" to acquire him. Especially if his average is still hovering in the .220s. I'm sure there will be a few teams interested, but they will likely drive a hard bargain. If the Mets got one Top 100 prospect back, I'd be thrilled.

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This article is just so wrong. The Mets aren’t getting a haul of prospects for Alonso. They likely won’t even get a top 100 prospect! The author is extremely misinformed here

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I keep wondering why so many articles repeat the "we can get Soto line." We are not getting Soto! It's a fantasy that we'll get Soto or almost any of the other stars that will be on the market next season! As it turns out, many- perhaps most- of them want to win ... more than they want absolute top dollar.

Scherzer & Verlander were willing to come here for short term high dollars (at their respective ages) because they believed we had a shot to win. (Scherzer was drawn, in part, by deGrom.) At that point, after a 101 win season under Buck thought "OK. Maybe can do this." (Had Eppler done a good job at the trade deadline- e.g. brought in a big bat - we might even have won 2022!)

But, after losing deGrom, the Mets jettisoned some of the other good pitchers we needed ($) and failed yet again, among other things, to bring in at least one or two big bats. And we know how last year went. (We did get Alvy the great but the other newbies barely got a shot to play.) ... Oh yeah ... we also unceremoniously dumped Buck.

That brings us to the 2025 season. I hear there's a great class of free agent pitchers. And other great free agents. But they want to win. They all want to go to teams where they have a good shot to win.

So ... Every time I hear about great upcoming class of fantastic free agents, I think: "Why would any of them want to come here?!"

In other words Steve Cohen's money isn't working the miracles we all hoped it would. Quite often, the agents are using Cohen's offers to jack up the offers from other teams.) And our minors are not yet build up enough to start the season with a trove of youngsters.

Ok ... now that I've got that off my chest.

If the Mets trade Alonso, will we actually get a haul of players in return - any of whom will be able to play well now - or will most of them be prospects with potential for our farm system? Will we play worse than we do now for the rest of 2024? Will we be even more embarrassing?

Either way, trading Alonso right now will sink the current team's already low morale into the toilet. (Same goes for the fans.)

Perhaps all of us would've been better able to handle it - maybe already over it - if the Mets has traded Alonso last year when they exploded everything else. We might've had a bunch of decent young players to test on the field this year and a fuller farm system.

Now, instead, we'll have 2 or 3 great players in an otherwise bewildered ragtag team of over-the-hill and bargain basement players for the rest of 2024. Is that what we want? Will that help us attract any of the great players for 2025? Will it engage the fans?

Aside: Do you know how the Rangers were able to attract good pitchers last year? By signing deGrom for that colossal amount of money. That's how they attracted others. They told everyone they were forming their team sound him.

Apologies ... Old timer here. I've been holding this in far too long.

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I should add: Cohen's tweet/post the other day - the one he subsequently removed and then followed with the "I believe in this team" nonsense... didn't go unnoticed by the team. They, too, follow social media. And they know damn well what happened last year. Definitely not a morale booster.

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