Carlos Correa and the Mets: A timeline

January 10 - Athletic, Carlos Baerga

  • The Twins are reportedly back in “serious” contention to sign Correa, after the Mets have gone over three weeks without closing the deal

  • New York is “not necessarily out of the bidding” yet, and former Met Carlos Baerga - who has been reporting free agent news accurately all winter - believes the Mets and Correa are finalizing an agreement

January 9 - Athletic, MLB Network Radio (Phillips)

  • The Mets and Correa are progressing towards a deal

  • The two sides could complete their agreement within 48 hours

January 8 - MLB Network Radio (Bowden), New York Post

  • The Mets and Correa are getting closer to a deal as the two sides finish up the language. “It will get done.”

  • The offers from other teams for Correa were, “unsolicited,” and Correa still prefers to join the Mets regardless of outside interest

January 7 - Tyler Ward

  • At an event to promote the Willets Point development program, Mets owner and CEO Steve Cohen said he expects the negotiation with Carlos Correa to come to an end one way or another soon

January 6 - SNY, Athletic, Daily News

  • The Mets have grown frustrated in their talks with Scott Boras, and are considering walking away entirely from the negotiation

  • Despite the frustration, the Mets still would still like to work through their issues in the negotiation

  • The Twins would still be interested in signing Correa, but believe their only shot at him is if his deal with the Mets falls apart

January 5 - SNY, New York Post, Links

  • Scott Boras is in contact with at least one other team for Correa, including the Twins who originally offered a 10-year, $285 million contract for him to return to Minnesota

  • Many of the conversations and dialogue taking place between the Mets and Carlos Correa’s camp are between lawyers, but they are progressing towards a resolution

  • The two sides could finalize their revised contract by the end of the week

  • The basic terms of the deal - 12 years, $315 million - are unlikely to change much

  • The Mets are intent on reducing their risk in the deal which would include language that protects them against an injury to his surgically repaired leg/ankle, which could make a part of the $315 million less than fully guaranteed

January 4 - SNY

  • The Mets’ deal with Correa is “going to get done,” per Britt Ghiroli

January 3 - Athletic, Links

  • The Mets are expected to work out a deal with SS/3B Carlos Correa, which could come together by the end of the week

  • New York is expected to continue to be active in the trade market once the Correa deal is renegotiated

January 2 - New York Post

  • Talks are expected to resume again between the Mets and Correa’s agent, Scott Boras, following a lull over the holidays

  • There is still a good chance both sides come to an agreement

January 1 - Associated Press, SF Chronicle

  • The Giants are among the teams that have checked back in with Scott Boras on Correa, but they will not pivot back to a new deal even if the Mets fail to complete their deal with him

December 29 - Daily News, New York Post

  • Mets owner and CEO Steve Cohen is upset with the leak about the team being concerned with Correa’s physical, and has made sure there’s only a small circle in the know about what’s currently happening

  • Other teams are being told that for now, it’s, “only a Mets game” with Correa. “I’d be surprised if he’s not [a Met],” one person said.

  • Both the Mets and Giants likely see post-traumatic arthritis in Correa’s ankle

December 28 - New York Post, SI, MLB Network

  • There are no other teams currently involved in Correa’s free agency (MLB Hot Stove said on-air by Jon Morosi)

  • The deal is seen at 51-49 at getting done

  • The issue with Correa’s leg won’t necessarily impact him over the next 3-5 years, rather towards the second half of the contract

  • The injury/surgery on Correa’s leg is at risk of becoming arthritic with time

  • That Correa hasn’t had any problems at all with his surgically repaired leg/ligament - aside from minor impact last season - suggests his leg is holding up well

December 27 - SNY

  • The Mets and representatives for Correa were working again on Tuesday to come to a revised agreement, but no details on progress have been offered to the public at this time

December 26 - New York Post

  • Correa is committed to finalizing this deal with the Mets, although he isn’t open to restructuring the length and financial terms of the contract

  • It is unclear whether or not discussions have resumed following a break on Christmas

  • There is a, “55 percent” chance a deal will be completed between Correa and the Mets

  • The Mets were well aware of the findings from the Giants’ doctors after he took his physical with the Giants

  • Correa’s agent, Scott Boras, and the Mets could try to work language into the contract which would protect the club financially if Correa were to miss an extended period of time due to an injury specific to his fibula

December 25 - New York Post

  • The two sides are trying to work through the issues found on Correa’s medicals

  • The Mets and Correa’s camp remain optimistic a deal can be completed

  • The two sides were discussing the MRI results compared to the functionality of the joint along with Correa’s recent history of dependability

  • Other teams have checked in on Correa since his deal with the Mets hit a snag, but both sides are, “motivated” to work through the issues

December 24 - Mets share similar concerns as the Giants did over Carlos Correa's physical

December 21 - Mets and Carlos Correa agree to 12-year, $315 contract