No way should he be brought back;

his comment about not trusting March or September make his thinking clear;

'I do not trust young players'

Given where the Mets are, there is no way he should be the manager of this team going forward

Then there is his obsession about worrying who will pitch in future games, totally giving up on the game in front of him. The Zack Britton thing is a thing with Buck. And that Sunday night in SF where he used Drew Smith over a haven't pitched in 4 days Otto or DR was incredible, and his comments about this and other issues are absurd.

Lastly, his obsession with Vogy is past the point of no return.

There is absolutely no reason why he should be back next year

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Totally agree that Buck shouldn't be a lock for '24. I'm also opposed to firing him. Frankly, I don't see where Buck would want to stay on at this point. He was brought on to manage a vet team to a title. He came pretty close in '22, but the dynamics of the team in '23 along with his change in demeanor in the dugout suggest that he may be losing interest. I think he has one year left on his contract. Maybe call him in and try to nudge him into resigning - also known as "kicking him upstairs".

The caveat is who replaces him? Is Counsell the guy?? Should be an awfully interesting off-season this year.

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Totally agree with the headline. Been saying this since June. I know he’s a fan favorite but ever since September of ‘22, he’s been making iffy moves

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